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Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Snow City Singapore
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About Snow City Singapore

As cool as the name sounds, the snow city in Singapore is the country’s indoor snow attraction. Suitable for all ages; whether you are a kid, tween, teen, or an adult, you get to witness the temperature less than zero degrees, even amidst the hassle of the adventurous country of Singapore. Snow City Singapore is so famous that it witnesses a whopping number of 250,000 visitors from around the whole world. Snow City, by Snow Venture Pvt Ltd., was launched in 2000 and got renovated in 2007 to become an even better facility, comprising a snow chamber lying indoor, providing the best cold environment to beat the heat of Singapore. Snow city is a 3 storey high complex with 60 meters long snow slopes. This place is a healthy visit along with being safe, and child-friendly. 10-15 tonnes of snow is created from a special snow gun every week to cover grounds and slopes. From the delightful snow, people make a snowman, try snowboarding, and skiing, and children have fun during snowball fights. Recently, a new theme was added to the freezing snow city- the Arctic Circle. Inspired by the cold continent of the Arctic, this place makes the snow experience interesting and special as if teleporting you to extreme surroundings. The interactive exhibits of snow city are home to five new mascots named Oki, Nooka, Suki, ila, and Koko.

Why Visit Snow City Singapore?

Snow City Singapore

You should visit the snow city Singapore to experience snow, no matter what time of the year it is in. Witnessing snowfall in Singapore had never been a reality until Snow city got established in 2000. This place is made in a 3-storey building with 60 meters of snow slopes to play around, making it one of the top reasons for visiting this place. The temperature in Snow city is around minus 5 degrees while the snow chamber is 400 meters deep. The grounds are covered with 150 tons of snow with 10% being freshly created every week by the authorities. To engage more visitors, a new themed area Artic has been created with 5 famous new mascots- Koko, Suki, ila, Oki, and Nooka with interactive exhibits, making it enough to visit and enjoy with your family.

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Plan Your Visit to Snow City Singapore

How to Reach
What to Wear
Other Essentials

1. By Car:

  • You can either take a self-drive or board a taxi/cab.
  • From Changi Airport, take the exit from Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) Exit 14 towards Tuas.
  • From Tuas, take the exit from Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) Exit 13 towards Changi Airport.
  • From Changi Airport, take the exit from Pan-island Expressway (PIE) Exit 31 leading to Tuas near Bukit Batok Flyover.
  • From Tuas, take the exit from Pan-island Expressway (PIE) Exit 31 leading to Changi Airport near Bukit Batok Flyover.

2. By Bus: You can take bus numbers 66, 178, 198, or 335 to arrive at the Snow City stop.

3. By MRT: You need to get down at Jurong East Station on the East-West Mine and walk around for 10 minutes on how to get to snow city Singapore. Else, you can take bus number 66 or 335 to get to the Snow City Stop.

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FAQs of Snow City Singapore

What is so special about Snow City Singapore?

Snow city Singapore is one of the coldest places in the country possessing a whopping low temperature of minus five degrees! If you are wondering why and how to get to snow city Singapore, this place is quite accessible and popular enough to please families and kids. The experience of playing on snow, sliding on the cold and smooth slopes along with drifting on ice makes this place the coolest choice to explore in the city of Singapore amidst the heat.

What are the facilities provided at Snow City Singapore?

Facilities of changing rooms and washrooms are provided inside the venue. You can also rent winter clothing and other related essentials outside this place. The facility of hiring photographers to capture your moments is also provided inside.

Is it allowed to take the phone and other accessories inside?

Phones, cameras, and other equipment for photography are prohibited inside. An in-house photography team by Pictureworks is available inside to click your fabulous photographs in exchange for a fee.

How long do I need in Singapore Snow City?

Proper exploration and enjoyment of snow city Singapore timings would take around 2 hours in a playful and relaxed manner. However, a rush visit would require an hour or less.

What to not miss at Snow City in Singapore?

1. Arctic Snow Playground: Interaction with mascots, playing around the mini slide, and access to an igloo can be enjoyed in this first step into the journey. Mostly known to entice the children, this place witnesses happy and Merry kids sliding down the slides and playing with snow.

2. Snow Field: Experience the Blizzard and infamous thrilling ride of egg whirl. Igloo of Inuit’s home, the Mezzanine: Play with a large amount of snow and ride on the sleigh.

3. Arctic Snow Slide: The 60-meter-long slide steals the entire shoe of the snow city, definitely not to be missed!

4. Souvenir’s Shop: Buy snow-themed gifts and stuffed toys for your little ones. New Winter Shooting Arena: The infamous shooting game is available to young ones about 14 and above. Drift on Ice: A new addition to this place, this ride is the record holder of one of the coldest bumper car arenas.

5. Indoor Boulder: Another famous activity that allows you to climb the icy walls to test your physical abilities under the guidance of professionals.

6. Cliff: Climb 10 lanes via a cliff, beating the difficulty levels along with 20 other fellow climbers with the assistance of professionals.

Can you take pictures in Snow City Singapore?

You cannot take pictures inside Snow city Singapore but your pictures can be taken inside this place by in-house photographers.

Is there any eating place available in Snow City Singapore?

No, but there are a variety of restaurants nearby.

Nooka’s Snack Bar: A place to grab the utterly delicious and soothing hot chocolate along with the yummiest snacks.

Fountain Microbrewery Restaurant: An experienced diner for 30 years, this place has one of the most exquisite German brewing traditions. This elegant restaurant presents you with options of a variety of beer and classic cold brew collections.

The Line: Offering a whopping number of 88 tasty dishes like naans, sushi, seafood, and Thai food along with dessert, this restaurant is loved by the visitors.

SOI 19 Thai Wanton Mee: Jurong Stall: As the name suggests, this place is known for its Thai cuisine offering one of the best Thai Wanton Noodles in the whole country.

What is the Temperature used to be at Snow City Singapore?

The temperature in snow city Singapore is a whooping low to minus five degrees.

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