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About Snow City Singapore Tickets

If you crave frozen snow and want to have a thrilling adventure drifting down the layers of white snow, you must visit Snow City Singapore. It is an indoor snow center that will transport you to the Arctic Circle with its sub zero temperature and icy cool environment. Snow City Singapore was launched in 2007 and is divided into five zones- snowfield, traditional unit's home at the mezzanine, Arctic snow playground, Arctic snow slide, and Shaman's souvenir shop. You'll find more than twenty intricately worked ice sculptures within the Dino World created by Jeffrey Ng, a talented ice artist and celebrity sculptor who has represented Singapore for over 20 years on the international stage. If you want to play with the real snow and click beautiful photos with snowy characters, you can head to the Snow Chamber. If you're feeling even more adventurous, you can also slide down a sixty-meter-long snow slope at Snow City Singapore. There is a unique feature of the snow center called "Pictureair," wherein professional photographers click your pictures inside the snow chamber. You can purchase the pictures of your choice from the photo booth. So chill down and cool with the ice by visiting Snow City Singapore.


What Is The Best Way to Buy Singapore Snow City Tickets?

Book the Snow City Singapore ticket online to avoid standing in long queues at the ticket counter. You can also get amazing deals and discounts if you book the tickets online beforehand from a trustworthy website. From the comfort of your couch, you can get direct access to the attraction. You just need to show the copy of the ticket at the ticket counter, and you'll be directed to go inside and enjoy the attraction. The best thing is that you can get the slot for the stipulated date and time of your choice by booking the ticket online.

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Snow City Singapore

1.) Skip the Line Tickets

Book the Snow City Singapore ticket online and stay away from the hassle of waiting in a long line to get the ticket. Get direct access to the attraction on the stipulated date and time of your choice with skip-the-line tickets. Since Snow city, Singapore is a highly raved attraction; the tickets sell like hotcakes. So book the tickets online and walk directly to the attraction, and have the experience of a lifetime.

2.) Convenience

Booking the Snow City Singapore ticket online is extremely convenient and hassle-free. You just need to visit a trustworthy website, select the date and time to visit the attraction, and make the payment. You'll receive a copy of the ticket in your email. Show the copy of the ticket at the ticket counter and get direct entry.

3.) Experience more through Combo Tickets

If you want to make the most of your trip to Singapore, then you can book combo tickets that offer direct entry to Snow City Singapore as well as other popular attractions. You can visit the different attractions on the same day or different days and can save a huge amount.

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Singapore Snow City Tickets Variants

snow city singapore ticktes.jpg
Snow City Singapore Ticket
  • Get ready for an icy cool adventure and fun by booking the entry ticket to Snow City, a permanent indoor snow center.
  • Build igloos and snowmen, slide down the real snow slope on a sled, marvel at beautiful ice sculptures and enjoy a snowball fight!
  • This ticket comes with the following options- 1 Ice Bumper Car Ride+1-Hour Play Session, 2-Hour Play Session, 1 Ice Bumper Car Ride +2-Hour Play Session.
  • Choose the ticket option that gives you a chance to enjoy the bumper car ride. Keep in mind that during high-demand periods, you might have to wait for the Bumper Car ride for up to 45 mins.
  • Your Snow City Singapore ticket includes a complimentary pair of boots and jacket and admission to the park.
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Snow Play Session + Drift on Ice Bumper Car
  • Get ready to have endless fun in the freezing cold temperature at Snow City Singapore, which features life-sized snow sculptures and interactive exhibitions.
  • Plus, opt for the 'Drift on Ice' experience - a fun and exciting bumper car ride on snow in a subzero environment.
  • Book for 2 adults minimum to avail the promotion!
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snow park play session.webp
Snow Play Session - 2 Hours
  • Get transported to the Arctic circle and experience the winter fun by visiting Snow City Singapore.
  • Enjoy exciting activities suitable for both adults and kids and participate in interactive exhibitions by booking Snow City Singapore tickets. Have a glimpse of life-sized snow sculptures at the Ice Hotel Gallery.
  • Enjoy a 2 hours play session with your friends and family at Snow City Singapore.
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Snow Play Session.jpg
Snow Play Session - Target Shooting / Fire Movement

Flaunt your shooting skills and test your precision skills by heading to our target shooting area that remains open to visitors aged 14 years and above. Head to the Ice Hotel Gallery and get surrounded by the snow sculptures. Enjoy a snow blizzard experience and play at the snow playground. Plus, experience a sixty-meter snow slope ride.

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Close Quarter Battle Session.jpg
Snow Play Session - 1 Hour + Close Quarter Battle Session
  • Have unlimited fun at Singapore's first subzero shooting arena! This activity offers the visitors a heart-wrenching target shooting experience in an enclosed sub zero environment.
  • The activity will be guided by professional shooters with more than twenty years of experience in the industry.
  • Enjoy a sixty-meter snow slope ride, snow sculptures, and snowfall.
  • This activity requires 4 participants minimum over 14 years of age.
  • You're requested to arrive 15-30 minutes before.
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Science Center + Butterflies Up-Close Experience Tickets with Snow City
  • Experience the best that Singapore has to offer by booking this combo.
  • Science Centre Singapore is the perfect destination to understand the concepts of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics through its exhibitions, events, and educational programs.
  • You can also explore Snow City, a permanent indoor snow center where you can have a real snow experience.
  • Butterflies Up-Close is a paradise for animal lovers as it gives an insight into a butterfly's life and shows you their transformation to an adult from an egg.
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Why to Visit Snow City Singapore

snow city singapore ticktes.jpg
  • If you're craving a winter adventure, then lace up your skates and get ready to visit Snow City, Singapore, a winter wonderland for fun lovers.
  • It is a permanent indoor snow center where you can experience the subzero temperature of the Arctic circle.
  • Have a snowball fight, engage in a paintball shoot-out in a giant snowfield, slide down a sixty-meter snow slope, or strap into a bumper car and get ready to drift on the ice!
  • There are different chambers and zones and life-sized beautiful snow sculptures that will delight people of all ages.
  • The latest addition to the snow center, the Winter Shooting Arena, gives visitors over 14 years a chance to have a paintball experience in a subzero environment.
  • You'll also find two upscale restaurants inside Snow City where you can satiate your hunger pangs.
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Activities Offered in Singapore Snow City Tickets

winter shooting arena singapore.jpg
Winter Shooting Arena

This is the latest addition to the Snow City Singapore open for people above 14 years of age. Experience an electrifying shooting experience in an icy cool environment at Winter Shooting Arena. To ensure your safety, trainers will take you through a safety briefing, including basics like gun operation. Battle it out with your family members and friends in subzero temperatures over here. You'll also get a chin guard, vest, and safety helmet for extra protection in the paintball arena.

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snow city singapore deals.jpg
Drift on Ice

This is a new play feature wherein bumper cars go swooshing on a slippery rink to give you a real feel of an icy-cold signature carnival ride. There is also an arrangement of LED strobe lights and pulsating music to put you in the mood right away.

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Snow City Singapore
Snow Fun House

This is Singapore's largest display house covered with a thick blanket of snow. Designed with customizable themes, elements, and concepts, this mobile snow attraction is suitable for various occasions, including networking events, product launches, subzero parties, and mall activation campaigns. You can have unlimited fun and entertainment here in subzero temperatures.

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snow-city-singapore-tickets deals.jpg
Snow Playground

Snow Playground features an Inuit's igloo and a mini slide and is the perfect entertainment destination for families. Kids can interact with mascot displays and exhibits for a memorable experience! You can also learn about the planet Earth through fun experiences over here.

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cliff singapore.webp
The Cliff

This is a one-of-its-kind vertigo climbing wall in Singapore where you can have unlimited fun with your family. The climbing experience over here comes with variable difficulty levels putting your mental and physical strength to the test! Jumpstart your sport climbing experience and build your confidence as you face the challenges of the sport.

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Point of Interest at Snow City Singapore

OKIthe Inuit Boy.jpg
OKI the Inuit Boy

The Snow City Singapore ticket offers you a chance to meet OKI, the Inuit Boy who loves hunting and fishing. The Inuit are restful, compassionate, self-sufficient, and friendly, and they care about others' welfare. The most important part of their culture is dancing, mythology, and storytelling. He calls himself Arctic Avenger and is on the quest to protect his home against the dangers of climate change.

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ila the husky.png
ILA the Husky

ILA the Husky is the helper of OKI the Inuit Boy, and he comes to help OKI find his way home. They are known for their endurance and speed, because of which the Inuit use them for transport..You can hitch an amazing ride on a sleigh pulled by Ila, the Husky,.

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nooka the polar bear.png
NOOKA the Polar Bear

Snow City Singapore ticket offers you a chance to meet Nooka, a strong and detail-oriented polar bear looking for a new place to live as his home is melting due to global warming. He is always watching and learning, and when he doesn't hunt, he spends his time resting or sleeping.

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koko the fox.png
KOKO the Fox

KOKO the Fox is a smart and observant animal living in the subzero temperature of the Arctic circle. He can survive extreme temperatures and freezing weather, and when he is not hunting, he follows polar bears and eats scraps left from their kills.

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suki the magical snowy owl.png
SUKI the Magical Snowy Owl

SUKI, the Magical Snowy Owl, has good eyesight and can hunt for rodents even during the day. Unlike most nocturnal owls, Suki is active 24 hours and can fly high up in the sky. He makes a promise to protect his home against climate change ––melting icebergs, frequent snowstorms, and cracking arctic grounds.

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Know Before You Book Snow City Tickets

Essential Information

1. Opening Hours & Closing Time:

Snow City Singapore remains open from 9.45 am to 5.15 pm (Tuesday to Sunday) and from 9.45 am to 6.45 pm on public and school holidays. It remains closed on Monday except for public holidays.

2. How to Reach:

  • By Bus You can take any of the 178, 198, 335, or 66 buses to reach the Snow City stop.
  • By MRT Get down on the East-West Line at Jurong East Station and walk to Snow City. Alternatively, you can take bus 66 or 335 from Jurong East Station to Snow City.

3. Best Time to Visit:

Morning (weekdays) is the best time to visit Snow City if you wish to have a crowd-free experience. On the weekends, local Singaporeans visit the attraction in a huge number to have fun and enjoyment, leading to an immense rush.

4. Dress Code:

Snow City Singapore price includes boots and jackets, which are compulsory to wear. It's also mandatory to wear socks and long waterproof pants. You can get them on rent at an extra cost or bring them from your home.

5. Temperature:

The chamber of Snow City is maintained constantly at a freezing temperature of -5°C. There is an airlock area next to the chamber where you can get yourself acclimatized to a subzero temperature zone.

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FAQs Related To Snow City Singapore Tickets

What are the best Singapore Snow City tickets experiences for young kids?

1. Snow Playground: Snow Playground offers countless fun activities and experiences to kids! Gear up and dive deep into layers of milky white snow produced at twelve cubic meters every 24 hours. Snow Playground is operated in an air-conditioned environment, and you can enjoy festive year-end programs, mall activation campaigns, and children-themed events.

2. Snow Fun House: This snow attraction gives the kids a chance to have a real winter experience. Designed with countless customizable concepts, elements, and themes, Snow Fun House is suitable for various occasions, including networking events, product launches, and subzero parties.

What are the best Singapore Snow City ticket experiences for adults?

Winter Shooting Arena: Get ready for close-quarter battles in a subzero temperature at Winter Shooting Arena. Get into teams and defend your markers and aim at the opponent team's markers!

The Cliff: This is a vertigo climbing wall comprising ten climbing lanes of different difficulty levels. It is suitable for speed and lead climbing and allows twenty climbers to participate simultaneously.

Can Singapore Snow City Tickets be booked in advance?

Yes, you can book the Snow City Singapore ticket in advance from their official website. This will help you avoid the long ticketing queues and give you a chance to reserve your slot in advance. Snow City Singapore price is usually low when you book it online from a trustworthy website.

Should I book my Singapore Snow City Tickets online?

Yes, you can book the Snow City Singapore ticket online from their official website. The best thing is that Snow City Singapore price is usually low when you book the tickets online rather than buying the ticket from the counter.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the Singapore Snow City Tickets?

Yes, Snow City Singapore price is usually low if you book the ticket online from any trustworthy website. You can get great deals and discounts by booking the ticket online beforehand, making your trip cost-effective.

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